Come on Find out! What are the Gadget Electronic Components

Do you want to try fixing your own phone? Before trying to fix the phone and find out how the system works, you must first know the components of gadget electronics. For example, PCB Manufacturing.

Components of gadget electronics exist that consist of units and in the form of a module consisting of a collection of gadgets electronics components. The gadget electronics component is:

  1. Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

The first electronic component is the Printed Circuit Board. It’s must be with correct PCB Assembly. PCB mobile is different from another electronic device PCB. Where is the difference? In other electronic equipment, the components are mounted at the top and then inserted into the available PCB holes. Then soldered the component foot on the bottom of the PCB.

In contrast to PCB mobile phones, PCB the bottom, and the different side. In the middle of the PCB there are many paths or layers that connect between component parts. Typically, these paths can reach up to 5 layers.

The number of layers, make the PCB damaged, more frequent PCB damage than the components inside.

To solve the damage to PCB can be overcome by way of connecting with a special email wire. The enamel wire is coated with a coating layer, so it will not result shorted if it is touched by other components on the PCB. Wire emails if soldered, the layer will disappear on its own, so you do not have to scrape the layers.


Same with PCB, resistor on mobile is different from another electronic component resistor. Resistors do not have a colorful bracelet that shows barrier values. Try to find out about PCB Assembly quote.

Large resistors serve to retain the current so as not to exceed the limit or as a safety fuse. In general, the function of the resistor is indeed as an inhibition that can adjust the current passing through it.

Every electronic component requires different currents. Therefore, it takes Resistor as a customizer. Usually, Resistors that require large currents are on the main line battery voltage, charger charging voltage on Supply line, voltage for IC PA.


Capacitor serves as a current storage and for voltage stabilization. There are two kinds of Capacitor namely, Electronic Capacitor and Ceramic Capacitor.

Electronic capacitors have different poles, namely Cathode (-) and Anode (+). You cannot do an inverted installation on the poles. Ordinary Ceramic Capacitors that do not have polarity, the mounting ceramic capacitor may be inverted. The color is usually Chocolate, or gray. In the series of mobile phone is usually the pole Cathode Capacitor Ground connected on the power line. Its function is to stabilize the current so that the flow in the path can be stable.

  1. DIODE

The diode acts as a current rectifier in the series of mobile phones. The current is alternating Current or AC (Alternating Current) or DC voltage is not pure after passing the diode into direct current DC (Direct Current).

The diodes also have polarities or poles: Anodes (+) and FCatoda (-). Diode installation should not be inverted. Usually, those who have gads marks are cathodes. There is also a Diode that can emit a light called Light Emitting Diode (LED).


The transistor function is characteristically the same as the diode. Combined two diodes can be called transistors.

Transistors have many functions in electronics circuits. The transistor can act as a switch, the switch acts as a frequency amplifier.

Usually, transistors in the series of mobile phones have been made into one module in the form of IC. Transistors are generally black and have three legs namely Base, Emitter, Collector.