Filling the E-Tank of E-Cigarettes

Using electronic cigarettes will help you out in many various ways, the best would be that it helps one break their smoking addiction. But, talking about e-cigarettes, many new users are not aware of the technical knowledge of vape mods and how to refill a tank once it is finished and done. In that case, many just buy a new e-tank for vape juice NZ, while not knowing that they can refill their old ones. So, in this article, we will discuss how to refill an e-tank.

Preparing to Change the Tank

First, lay a bunch of paper towels on the surface of the table or counter, where you are going to refill the tank. Make sure you have a new flavoring bottle at hand. The paper towels are not necessary, but e-liquids are most often than not, very stick and might be hard to clean if it falls on the surface.

Dismantling the E-cigarette Mod

The next step in refilling your e-cigarette tank is to dismantle the vape mod. Generally, the tank is attached just on top of the battery so you can easily locate it and take it out. Fill the tank with the e-liquid that you have kept aside and make sure to fill just till the indicator mark and not more than that, as it can leak once you turn on the vape. Take a wet wipe or just wet the paper towel a little and clean around the tank edges and any liquid that might have dropped, make sure to not drop any liquid on the battery of the vape as it might affect the durability of the battery.

Cleaning the E-Tank

If the user is going to refill the tank with the same flavor of e-liquid from before then there is no real need to clean or wash the tank. But if the user is refilling the tank with a new flavor, the best thing to do is to clean and wash the tank out, as to experience the new flavor completely and to not accidentally make a harmful concoction. The tank can be easily cleaned with warm water and paper towels. Keep the tank dipped in a warm, bit on the hotter, side bowl of water. Take it out approximately after 5 minutes and wipe it with the paper towels, this should remove all the remnants of the previous flavor.

Reassembling the E-Cigarette

After filling the tank, or cleaning then filling the tank with new e-liquid, you need to reassemble the vape mod. Make sure to screw everything tightly and securely. Double-check the filled tank to make sure it is till the indicator mark and not more than that, neither it is leaking. Make sure the tank is properly fitted in place before you turn on the vape mod. The last thing to do is to make sure there is no spilled or leaking liquid from any part of the vape, otherwise, the entire mod can be damaged.

All in all, refilling the tank is not that hard. Many people are unaware of this fact and spend tons on getting new tanks every time their mod runs out of the liquid, so this article, hopefully, helped you in getting acknowledged about this case.