Portland Fir – Flocked Christmas Tree

Portland Fir’s flocked Christmas tree would be a perfect addition to your home this Christmas. Its distinguished silhouette is captivating upon sight, making it a real stand out piece. The flocked Christmas tree has luxury frosted tips to keep tone with what many families over Christmas hope for, a white Christmas. Children amongst families across the globe often wish for a Christmas full of pleasant surprises, one of those surprises being wherever they live being covered in snow. The flocked Christmas tree embodies that hope for a white Christmas! And better still, if by chance those wishes are not met this Christmas, why not bring a remarkable re-creation of what could’ve been into your home. Portland Fir’s flocked Christmas tree will provide you with an elegant tree that glitters and shimmers with its premium foliage, and to stand out even more, the PF White Fir comes with professionally hand strung lights just to give you a special gift of a beautifully lit tree for your friends and family to see this Christmas.

The flocked Christmas tree comes in two different sizes; 7.5ft and 9.ft. The 7.5ft flocked Christmas tree comes with 550 lights and 2353 frosted tips with a width of 147cm. The 9ft flocked Christmas tree comes with 1100 lights and 3286 frosted tips with a width of 168cm. Whatever your preference may be, I’m sure you will be overjoyed with how truly special this tree is. It’s really something to be admired, you can tell straight away, the craftsmanship and time that has gone into making this artificial Christmas tree very high quality. Health and safety is also a big priority to Portland Fir, so one element that they have ensured with all of their artificial Christmas trees is that they are flame retardant.The PF White Fir also comes with a premium metal stand with scratch proof rubber feet to make it much easier to maneuver and to ensure it maintains its tone of authenticity!

Why not try something new this Christmas holiday, visit Portland Fir’s website to browse through a range of captivating artificial Christmas trees. This flocked Christmas tree is only one of many examples on their website of how Portland Fir believe Christmas deserves to be celebrated! The craftsmanship, time and effort is very impressive, the artificial Christmas trees listed on their website have longevity in mind, they are created to last this Christmas and many Christmases afterwards. Take a look for yourself, I’m almost certain you will not be disappointed with what you find on Portland Fir’s website.